Here is a partial listing of some of the projects we have completed:

Micro-Hydraulics Controller
Battery Management System with Microsoft .Net Framework on Gadgeteer Platform
GSM modem to CAN interface AkroView CAN Diagnostic Software for the Akron Brass Company

Lithium Ion Smart Charging System
Lithium Ion Battery Management System (BMS) with Linear 6802 Slaves
Lithium Ion Battery Monitoring System (BMS) using optically isolated 1-wire device
5 Channel CAN Hub with Routing Capability
CAN Enabled 6 Channel Ultrasonic Range Finder
Configurable Dual CAN Bridge with active ID and Data "spoofing"
Configurable PTO Controller for the Ford Super Duty Truck
GSM modem to CAN interfaceGSM Modem with Dual CAN interfaces
Garbage Truck Vehicle Diagnostics Software
Remote CAN bus monitoring through Airlink cellphone internet modem
CAN based series of I/O boards for hydraulic control and remote monitoring
Remote diagnostic software system
HC12 based processor system with plug in communication options
Custom lighting systems for yacht and home automation
CAN based series of I/O controllers for home automation
Canadian Defence Research MPC555 robotics controller board
CAN based slip printer interface
Military simulated land mine for detection testing
MilCAN Controller
Cheetah Monitor
Remote Control Mining Vehicles
Kodiak Robotic Vehicle
ANT Robotic Vehicle
Hog Sorting Machine
Robotic Vehicle Controllers
Generic I/O Boards For PCs
Wearable CAN Network For US Military
STS keypad
Some Of Our Customers
Controller Area Network Interfaces
Drag strip rewiring project
Other Projects

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