Here are a number of newspaper and magazine articles concerning Zanthic and/or myself, Steve Letkeman

I added this page in July of 2009 and in doing so it provided an interesting trip down memory lane for me.  A lot has changed since I started out on this path of self employment....  


As you can see, this article is from the Nelson Daily News from June of 1987 as I was finishing up
my first round of schooling in electronic engineering technology.
 I did end up finding a job just a few days after this which is why all of the other
articles take place in Medicine Hat!

The following three pictures are from a magazine article written about the custom
security system I created for the Medicine Hat College where I was working as a
computer tech at the time (who is that young kid in the picture?)

After I left the Medicine Hat College I worked for a while at DRES (Defense Research Est. Suffield),
 then went back to school for my computer science degree and then started Zanthic Technologies.

This is Chamber of Commerce article from 1998.  My wife JoAnne and I spent many a day
 (and evening) at that bench, hand soldering circuit boards.

This was a newspaper article in the Medicine Hat News in 1999.
 Good thing I cleaned up my office for the picture!

 Another article about working from home.  Sorry for the poor condition of these, they have
spent too many years curling on the corkboard!  
And, what's with only one monitor, this was a long time ago, wasn't it?

We won the Medicine Hat Chamber 1998 Exporter of the Year Award.
They recycled a previously used picture, I guess they thought we looked good together!

This article appeared in 2001.  Where do they get these weird quotes from?
 (business owners have nothing to fear but fear itself?!)

This was a brief mention in the Chamber magazine in March of 2002

Another article appearing in the Medicine Hat News in January of 2003

Our spin off company, Brightan Systems, won the Innovative and Technology business of the year in 2004

Here is the news article about the event.  Calling it an innovative approach to room
 lighting might have been missing the point, but oh well... :-)

The following is a short article I wrote for the local Chamber magazine regarding our lighting system company.

Here's a more recent article that appeared after teaching a course at Medicine Hat College.

The following is an article that appeared in the M.H. News by Neha Jain from Apex Alberta

I have always been involved with a number of local technology groups, this one being Apex Alberta

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