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Zanthic Technologies Inc. has more than 12 years of CAN experience and over 20 years of experience with embedded controllers. We specialize in innovative implementations with a mandate of maintaining a low cost, high quality approach. Our client base is both local and international and our projects have involved military, industrial, agricultural and automotive customers.

Zanthic Technologies Inc. has sold a series of Controller Area Network devices to over thirty countries. These devices have included the first available CAN downloadable programming tool for the HC11 processor, Parallel port, Serial Port and USB CAN interfaces as well as custom microprocessor boards for the HC11, HC12, 8051, 68376 & AVR processors. We have designed and implemented a number of custom CAN protocols including the conversion of the DRES Ancaeus protocol to CAN, conversion of a Volkswagen protocol to an electric drive-line protocol, an industrial plastic molding equipment custom protocol as well as an automated lighting system protocol.


In addition to custom protocol development, Zanthic has experience with projects involving off the shelf protocols, including CANOpen and MilCAN.

Our projects involve custom hardware design, printed circuit board design, embedded firmware development as well as support software and documentation.

Zanthic Technologies Inc. prides itself in the ability to develop new and innovative devices with the ability to create a marketable and profitable end product for its own corporate sales or for its customers.

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