Please consider us for all your embedded microcontroller design needs. We are experienced with both hardware and/or software design and prototyping.

Our Software capabilities include:

  • Imagecraft C compilers for HC11/HCS12/AVR
  • Keil C compiler for 8051
  • Tasking C compiler for PowerPC
  • Visual C for Windows (application programming and DLL's)
  • Visual Basic 6, VB.Net, C# for Windows WPF
  • Visual Basic for CE
  • Numerous CAN/RS-232/USB custom protocol designs
  • Semi-autonomous vehicle control systems
  • Hydraulic control systems, both software and hardware
  • MilCAN protocol implementation

Our hardware capabilities include:

  • MC9S12 family of hardware and software design including assembly and C
  • Infineon C505C & C515C design and programming
  • Motorola PowerPC 555 programming
  • Motorola ColdFire programming
  • Cypress AN2131 and 68013 (8051) USB controller design and programming
  • Atmel AVR design and programming
  • Intel 82527 CAN controller
  • MicroChip MCP2510/MCP2515 CAN controller
  • Philips SJA1000 CAN Controller
  • XBee, Zigbee, GSM, HSPA communications
  • Embedded Ethernet and cell data communications

Our hardware design capabilities include:

  • CadSoft's Eagle Professional schematic capture and pcb layout software

Our hardware testing capabilities include:

  • A well equipped lab including scopes, logic analyzer, power supplies, CAN bus analyzer etc.
  • Roland MDX-20 table top milling machine for rapid prototyping

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