Micro-Hydraulic Controller 
This project was built under contract to Amtech Aeronautical Limited for the Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) center in Suffield, Alberta.

By leveraging the existing phyCORE-MPC565 module from Phytec with a custom I/O interface and military grade connector panel, a high performance PowerPC board can be designed in the shortest period of time and the lowest cost to the customer.

The above picture shows the front panel being milled and engraved

The PhyCORE-MPC565 module plugs into the custom made, 4 layer, interface board.

The backside of the connector board and the bottom of the interface board.  Military connectors with PCB pins are used to mount directly to the connector board.

The two boards plugged together with the phyCORE module sandwiched in the middle.

Side view!

Finished prototype, ready for installation.

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