Hog Sorting Machine

Ok, so it's not a robotic vehicle, but it was a fun project with some great features. This device would allow one hog onto the scale at a time through the use of pneumatic cylinders controlling gates and a load cell for sensing weight. Once they reached the magic number it is off to market for that little piggy! One feature of this project is that all of the settings for each scale can be read and configured through the IrDA infrared port. By simply pointing the handheld computer at the device you could easily read and modify the settings as well as download the averages for the last twenty four hour period. The final production unit used inexpensive (disposable) PalmPilots for use in the hog barns. The project also includes CAN capabilities for future use in networking all the scales together for displaying and modifying their settings from a central computer and for doing remote monitoring across the Internet.

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