Remote Diagnostic Software System

This project is the software side of the CAN bus based hydraulic controllers and the Airlink Internet data modems.  This is a Windows based software program that allows for muliple configuratons to be used on both the sending and receiving end of the diagnostic system.


The same program can be used in any of the following situations

1) To receive CAN bus data when a computer is connected directly to a vehicle, the data can then be

  • Displayed to screens including graphical icons to show various input and output states.  Also allows for a configuration file to define custom screens based on the individual vehicle sending the data.
  • All data can be saved to a local database
2) To send data through an Internet connection to a receiving computer that is running the same software
  • Whether the data source is a local CAN bus or a database, you can choose to connect to a receiving computer and transfer all the data through to it.  Internet speed is calculated on every packet and the system adjusts to the speed of the connection automatically
3) To receive data from a remote computer or Airlink modem via the internet
  • Allows any number of remote connections to be made to the software.  Each incoming TCP connection is assigned a consequtive port number and al vehicles are listed to the screen.
  • By choosing one of the vehicles on the list, you have all the same display capabilities including graphical representation of all data
  • All incoming Internet data can be saved to a local database
4) Load historical data from the database
  • The same software package can choose the database as the data source and display the hstorical data to the graphical screens.
  • Step forward and backwards through time, looking at each individual event and the change to the system.
5) Collect GPS data
  • If the vehicle sending the data is equiped with a GPS system, the data can be received by the software and displayed on a Google Maps display within the software.  Vehicle position, speed, heading and altitutude are also displayed.
6) Display custom screens
  • Because each vehicle is sending a unique identifier code, a system of custom screens can be configured to show specific sensor readings for that vehicle.  Once a custom screen is defined, you can assign it to any number of vehicles that require it.  Standard screens for displaying raw data, mapping and system functions are always present.
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