Remote CAN bus monitoring throught AirLink

cellphone internet modem

This project involved taking an off the shelf Pinpoint Airlink modem and modifying it to transmit CAN bus data for use with remote diagnostics on moving vehicles and equipment.  This allowed both GPS data and data collected from the vehicle to be transmitted to a receiving computer.


The 3 pictures above show

1) The circuit board containing the HC12 processor, the interface to an SD card for local data storage and the D9 connector for dual CAN channels

2) The custom circuit board slides into the case underneath the existing circuit board for a perfect fit

3) A custom designed front plate replaces the original one to allow for the new lights, connector and memory card access

Notes: Because the modem has different connection speeds based on the type of cell network it is currently connected to, firmware on the custom board must store the CAN data and then according to preset rules, allow over-writing of old data if the data has not been transmitted within a certain time frame.

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