Configurable Dual CAN Bridge with active ID and Data "spoofing"

This interface was created to provide a method of monitoring the flow of CAN data in an existing circuit and to actively modify the contents of certain CAN packets in order to fool, or "spoof" the data contents.  Typical applications might be where you have an existing CAN network, such as in an automotive environment in a hybrid electric car where you want to know what packets are coming specifically from the battery pack.  You may also then want to modify the packets in order to test how the vehicle performs or handles different situations without having to actually recreate that exact situation.

Other uses for this device include

  • The ability to pass messages between two different CAN busses running at two different speeds.
  • To provide a firewall between two different CAN busses.
  • To prevent unwanted access to one CAN bus while only passing certain information packets through.
This interface also has a high speed (480Mb/s) USB port for connection to a PC that can allow for monitoring CAN traffic on either bus as well as providing configuration changes and firmware updates.

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