Custom lighting systems for yacht and home automation

This was an on going, internal development of a series of hard wired lighting system control boards.  The system went through 5 major system designs, each one getting closer and closer to the ultimate system for lighting control.

  • 500Kbps Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Preprogrammed boot-loader allows new firmware to be downloaded at any time, from anywhere on the network (or remotely across Internet)
  • You choose what the hardware does by simply choosing the firmware to download.  Different boards can handle dozens of different downloads.
  • Capabilities include digital inputs, digital outputs, dimming outputs, analog inputs, infrared control inputs, PWM outputs, motor control, remote smart LED's, Real Time Clock, Timers, Scene controllers with if/then/else logic
  This system found itself into a number of interesting applications, including these four yachts built by Crescent Custom Yachts including the

This system is also found in a number of homes, including...

This home features a lighting system capable of controlling 40,000 watts of lighting to 104 seperate circuits, all dimmable, all controllable from any of the 250 switches located at 50 locations throughout the house.

The 24 controllers located in the utility room.

Custom manufactured switches were built for the house that included custom laser printed decals that could be applied (and changed) to each light switch.

The configuration software was designed to be straight forward, simple to use and extremely fast

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