CAN bus based series of I/O boards for 

hydraulic control and remote monitoring


This project was completed for a leading manufacturer of waste management trucks in order to simplify the vehicle wiring while added features such as:

  • Reduced wiring complexity and cost
  • Reduced assembly time and cost
  • Increased hydraulic functionality
  • Increased safety for operators
  • Allow for firmware changes local to the truck or remotely via internet radio system
  • Easily swapped out modules in the event of damage occuring
  • Improved diagnostic ability due to all parameters available across the CAN bus for monitoring
  • Ability to plug a small laptop directly into the vehicle for instant diagnostics ability for reduced down time

The 4 pictures above show

1) Two of the circuit boards used for this system (see complete list below) 

2) (Upper Right) One of the circuit boards mounted inside the "Button Box" This board handles all the outside switches including the push buttons and joystick control.  Data is sent via the CAN bus and firmware to the board can be changed via the CAN bus at any time, either from inside the truck or completely remotely via the data modem

3)  Three of the controllers and their cases

4) One of the recycling trucks during testing of the new boards

The full set of boards included
  • Switch input board for inside cab use.  Includes Bi-color LED display for status and error reporting.  Multiple boards can be used within the same system
  • Switch and joystick input device for outside button box(es)
  • Modem control board for remote diagnostic connections
  • Ultrasonic distance measurement board with inputs for 6 ruggedized ultrasonic sensors per board
  • Power distribution board for heavy current switching and CAN bus routing
  • High current I/O board featuring smart outputs and protected analog inputs. Multiple boards can be used within the same system
  • CAN 5 port hub for connecting seperate CAN bus systems together and providing isolation between different sub systems.

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