GSM Modem with Dual CAN interfaces

Custom build GSM modem for Internet data transfer over cell network with dual Controller Area Network interfaces for remote data collection and control on vehicle systems.  Includes GPS receiver.


The GSM modem project was built with the following features

  • Off the shelf GSM modem from Janus featuring the Telit GE865-Quad module and NavSync MS20 GPS receiver
  • 4 to 75VDC input
  • Freescale processor with dual Controller Area Network interfaces
  • DC/DC power conditioning for automotive environments
  • Pre-certified for use with Rogers Canada
  • Module replacable for CDMA and HSPA versions
  • Firmware for bi-directional CAN communications over socket connection
  • Optional SMS text and FTP communications to and from CAN or I/O points

compact GSM modem with Dual Controller Area Network interface
      This version of the modem is only 64mm wide, 82 mm long and 30mm tall.

GSM modem with dual CAN in Deutsch enclosure

This version was packaged into a standard Deutsch case and features some additional I/O.

Dual CAN GSM modem with GPS
Another picture showing the communications and GPS antennas. 

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