Configurable PTO Controller for the Ford 2011 Super Duty Truck

Created under contract, this PTO controller can monitor a number of parameters from the Ford Super Duty chassis and make decisions on how and when to allow the PTO to be enabled.  All of the parameters are easily configurable by plugging a standard laptop or netbook into the USB port.  Password protected software can then change operating parameters such as engine speed, vehicle speed and gear selection, to name just a few.  The device communicates through the vehicle's OBDII port without requiring custom wiring changes to the vehicle and can operate in Live Drive mode as well as Stationary Elevated Idle Control mode.  This controller can also be configured to work with other custom safety interlocks to ensure equipment engages only when all safety requirements are met.

The configuration software is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge.  The software also provides real time operating parameters so you can see exactly what the vehicle is doing and determine which parameter is keeping (or allowing) the PTO to engage.  The configuration software also allows for firmware updates should new features be added to the system.

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